Alma Musikk

Alma serien

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Alma Aspirant-series: This series contents three-part flexi arrangements for early beginners. The music-style varies from marches to ballads and latin. One of the titles is based on the international teaser-theme that is known all over the world.


Alma Junior-series: This series has four or five-part flexi-arrangements and there is also a special aspirant-part.


Alma-series: The problem with flexi-arrangements can sometimes be that all parts are of the same difficulty. The arrangements in the Alma-series are four- og five-part flexi with an aspirant part, but we have also added  three ad lib. master parts. One for flute and clarinet, one for trumpet and one for lower instruments.


Alma Janitsjar and Brass-series: These are full score arrangements playable both for concert- and brassbands. Also in this series there is an aspirant part.