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Welcome to our website. Here you can find information about our releases for wind-band and you can place orders. We are specialized in music for beginners and young bands and all our arrangements have a beginners part so the youngest musicians also can be included. One of our series also has optional challenge parts for the older musicians.


Notes and sound samples


Click a title and you can listen to a music sample, take a look at the score and read some information about the music.

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Our newest releases

The lark in the clear air

the lark in the clear airThis is a beautifulI Irish folk song in a five-part flexi-arrangement with aspirant part.

Mary, did you know?

thumb Mary did you know omslagThis is one of the most popular modern Christmas songs. The lyrics ask a question if Mary knew that it was the Creator that was lying helpless in the manger. That he should walk on water, give sight to a blind and still a storm with his hands.

Many choirs have used this song and here is an arrangement for band.

Langt å gå / Far away to go

Langt å gå omslagThis is a funny melody from a movie based on the figures in the famous Norwegian animation movie "The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix".


Happy omslag

This mega hit was Spotify Top Song in 2014. The arrangement is in the Alma Junior-series and is five-part flexi with aspirant-part.

I feel good


James Brown is a legend in rock music. This is his most famous song.



The Norwegian musician Kygo (Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll) has gained wide popularity in a short time. It took only a few months from he only made music at home until he filled large concert halls in the United States. This is the song he played at the Nobel Prize concert.